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Sat- Mar

Information and Technology Industry News.
Published by: Sam Rabophala
News24 Business | 10 days to go: Sun is setting on solar tax incentive - here's how you can still claim

With time running out on the solar tax incentive for individuals, the South African Revenue Service has issued a note explaining who qualifies for the credit and how to redeem it.

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News24 Business | PICS | SA to help China build a research base on the moon - this is what it might look like

South Africa has joined hands with China to become to build a research base on the moon. A recent exhibition showed how astronauts might get there and an illustration shows what the base might look like.

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News24 Business | As digital attacks grow, only 64 SA civil servants are focused on cybersecurity

Without adequate cybersecurity systems, malicious actors are able to steal government data and take down critical infrastructure.

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News24 Business | What is Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip, now being tested on humans?

Musk said the first person to receive a Neuralink brain-chip implant is recovering.

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News24 Business | Scientists eye lab deep underground near Huguenot Tunnel - which may help unravel universe's secrets

A consortium of scientists is investigating the feasibility of building a laboratory the size of four Olympic swimming pools deep under the Du Toitskloof Mountains, where the Huguenot tunnel connects Paarl and Worcester.

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News24 Business | Musk's Starlink is changing Africa, but SA still faces a long wait - here's why

Starlink is starting to make a difference in the eight African countries where it is now licensed to operate, but it hasn't even applied to operate in SA.

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News24 Business | Apple to sell some watches without blood oxygen feature after US court ruling

Apple said on Wednesday it would remove a blood oxygen monitoring feature from two flagship Apple Watch models in the US as the iPhone maker fights a legal battle over patents on the technology behind the feature

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News24 Business | Police IT network down for two days after botched maintenance

The IT network of the South African Police Service was down on Tuesday and Wednesday after changes to the configuration of its firewall.

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