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Email and File System Integrations

MailToFile is the integrated solution for filing emails outside your mail application. You can store your emails directly into a customer or project folder, with only a few mouse clicks. An archived message doesn't change: it remains a regular email! You can easily open, reply and forward all messages. With MailToFile you always have all your digital correspondence filed together.

The File System integration allows WorkBook to write files to a local directory or remote share. This approach is often used for self hosted installation and for documents that the user has no interest in accessing without the WorkBook interface (RichText, Temp files, etc).

The Integrated File System(IFS) for Intelligent People contains different file systems, depending on release of OS/400 or i5/OS:

  • Open systems file system
  • User-defined file system
  • Library file system
  • Independent ASP QSYS.LIB
  • Document library services file system
  • Optical File System
  • NetWare file system
  • iSeries NetClient file system
  • OS/400 File Server file system
  • Network file system

The integrated file system is a part of OS/400 that lets you support stream input/output and storage management similar to personal computer and UNIX operating systems, while providing you with an integrating structure over all information stored in the server.

Advantages of Traditional File Organization

  • Data Security - Traditional file organization has security advantages over electronic filing,
  • Complexity - less complex than electronic systems, which can make it easier for untrained people to access and manipulate data.
  • Access Time - It can take just minutes to locate a few files in a large paper filing system
  • Editing and Communication - cumbersome in that they do not allow users to easily edit files or send information to others
  • Order of Data - Data can get out of order in traditional filing systems

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