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Business Reporting System

One of the things a Business Reporting System offers, among other things, is the quick transformation of raw data into a super decision making tool commonly referred to as an intelligent business report. The information is emerged by the system and provides companies with everything they need to report to management, fellow employees, consultants, suppliers and customers.

The key to succeed in today's highly competitive market is making sure you are staying ahead of the competition. A Business Reporting System helps businesses and system users through a sea of data to get valuable information. The power of being able to get millions of documents summarised within a few seconds is unbelievable.

The Business Reporting System integrates with your other systems, for examples the sales system, accounting system, information storage, transport, logistics and HR Systems. There are also types of large amounts of data that is of high importance to companies, even though it does not have much to do with daily operations within a business. Examples of this type of information include:

  • market and marketing information
  • legal information, commodity prices
  • competitive information
  • quotes and proposals

Business Information Services (BIS) is responsible for the central data warehouse systems, which are specialized reporting systems designed for high performance, flexible reporting. BIS also builds business intelligence applications using Business Objects to provide easy and powerful access to data in the data warehouse systems, and provides leadership in the use of data query and analysis tools. Options for this service are:

  • Data Warehouse Reporting
  • COI Reporting (Conflict of Interest)
  • Grants Reporting (Research/Business Objects)
  • Financial Reporting Systemt
  • Payroll and HR Reporting Systems.

Business Reporting System

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A great customer experience! The flexability and speed of response from the account manager, as well as the quality of the reports and reporting was exceptional

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